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Jean Grey-Howlett

The Viking & The Wolverine



February 16th, 2012

Back 2008 I started to watch the HBO series True Blood out of curiosity, because I've always liked vampires. So I started to watch it but I didn't get attracted to the main vampire at that moment, played by an obscure unknown actor called Stephen Moyer.

So more or less I continued watching the series, but in episode 4, a tall blond guy with the looks of a Viking made his debut. Since the first moment I saw him he intrigued me, more or less the same way an unknown Australian actor called Hugh Jackman impressed me in the X-Men movies.

So I finished season 1 and next year season 2 started, I remember telling other people about the Viking guy, by that time I didn't even know his name, but I was more curious about him.

Then, the scene with Godric in the roof came. The Viking guy impressed me with his intensity, how well he transmitted the feelings of the scene. Vampire Eric was begging his maker not to meet the sun. Perhaps that was the moment I've realized the Viking guy could act. But still I was infatuated by my other favorite fictional character, Wolverine, played by my only #1 fave actor back then; Hugh Jackman.

By Season 3 I really hooked up with the Viking, by a friend, who was mesmerized by his looks, without knowing it, I became obsessed about the actor behind Eric Northman, at that moment I started to google his name: Alexander Skarsgård, and I started to visit pages dedicated to him. So that was the moment Wolverine got a rival, a Viking vampire....LOL... the first time I liked another actor the same way I liked Hugh Jackman.

So by the end of 2010 I realized I was obsessed with Alexander Skarsgård and the character of Eric Northman. After TB 3rd season I read the books that supposedly inspired the series and guess what, I fell in love even more with the Viking vampire.

So by 2011 I started to visit several facebook pages dedicated to the Viking, and I met other fellow Viking sisters like Elena and Stephanie. Through Steph, I had the chance of administer a couple of facebook pages dedicated to ASkars and meeting other great fans with whom we have good times discussing the good and bad of True Blood and the craziness of this fandom.

Currently I'm administrator of of the following pages:

Alexander Skarsgård aka Eric Northman video blog
Eric Northman Lovers United
Eric Northman: the fan favorite
Sexy Beasts from Fangtasia (my page dedicated to Alex, Hugh J. and other actors I like very much)
Alexander Skarsgård Lovers

I also have my own page dedicated to some of my favorite actors: Sexy beasts from Fangtasia, and of course ASkars is featured on it.

Ok, why I like Alexander Skarsgård so much?

1- He's a superb actor, the scene with Godric, season 4, showed how well he uses his eyes expressions, how he changes his tone of voice, his body language.... It is amazing how expressive he is. While Hugh Jackman's asset is his versatility, Alexander uses his body language and his facial expressions brilliantly... Despite the disaster of S4, Alex was the only good there. Even though stupid Anna Paquin was unable to get into the skin of Sookie Stackhouse, the scenes she made with Alex were worth seeing because of him.

2- His looks, damn it, he's so sexy, even if he wears a bag of potatoes, he looks gorgeous.

3- He seems to be so genuine, when other actors not as talented as him have big egos, he seems to be nice. All reports say he's nice to his fans. He does his thing and he doesn't mind to repeat clothes...LOL....

4- He hangs with aliens...LOL... he loves to have fun... after all he deserves it! Go Alex!

5- His overbite, I think that makes him real...

Even though I'm so upset with TB and I have no interest on the series, I will still watch S5 because Alexander Skarsgård is still there.

So who's my #1 favorite actor at this moment? Currently it is a tie between the Wolverine and the Viking.... LOL

Grammy rant

Lads from Liverpool
I don't remember when was the last time I watched a Grammy Awards ceremony, perhaps since the 80's I didn't since the 90's were horrible and well the starting of the 21st century continues as bad as the last decade of the 20th century.

The telecast started with Bruce Springsteen, who I consider somehow overrated. His voice was hardly heard, well he's not Paul Mc Cartney or Robert Plant... so the telecast continued with this stupid rapper as a host and the result of the awards started to come out. Adele won on all her 6 nominations. She's a breath of fresh air in a music industry plagued with Lady Gaga's wanna bees and annoying voices like Beyonce. She's so different to the rest, her songs, her music sounds so real, while the others compete to be more ridiculous and outrageous than others... Well I admit I like Lady Gaga and Rihanna, both are good.

The Foo Fighters, well these guys think they're still in the 90's, wake up Dave Grohl, Nirvana is over... and what about those faceless bands like Coldplay and Maroon 5. If I like a group, I want to know the faces behind the name. Maybe they have some catchy tunes, but nothing compared to Stairway to heaven or Lucy in the sky with diamonds, so big next for them.
Sorry but these are flavors of the month that will be forgotten soon.

Who's Paul Mc Cartney, well he's the bassist of the BEST BAND EVER; THE BEATLES. Besides, he has a successful solo career that span over 3 decades. Sir Macca is a living legend, a true musician, raw talent that was forged in clubs over Hamburg and Liverpool when he started with John Lennon all those years ago.

In the end, the Grammys are supposed to be about music, and at least the biggest winner is a singer with real talent, unique and I wish Adele the best, and for those who think she's fat, well she's real.... and I respect her for that... KUDOS TO ADELE AND SIR MACCA! I'm so sick of the Britneys, the Beyonces and lady gaga's wanna bes.... screw them all, including Britney Spears and Beyonce who has never been among my favorites.

February 10th, 2012

Ok.... I have my list of at least 20 actors I like very much, but the other day I found this game in Tumblr and I decided to categorize several actors (favorites and not so favorites) according to their looks.....

Here we go....read at your own risk, but just remember these are my opinions....

Ugly- Stephen Moyer, George Clooney, Ron Weasly, Hugh Grant

Himboes- Joe Manganiello, Channing Tatum, Ryan Raynolds

WTF- Johnny Depp, Colin Farrel, Gerald Butler, Tom Hardy

Boring- Robert Pattinson, Ryan Gosling

Alright- Colin Firth, ,Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Will Smith, Nicholas Cage, Tom Hanks, Bradley Cooper, Matt Damon, Jamie Foxx, Mark Wahlberg, Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor.

Cute- Ryan Kwanten, Leonardo Di Caprio, Sam Worthigton, Jeremy Renner

Adorable- Chris Evans, Jude Law

Hot- Michael Fassbander, Jason Momoa, Brad Pitt

Sexy- Russell Crowe, Denzel Washington, Antonio Banderas, Benicio Del Toro, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo

ASDFGHJKL- Hugh Jackman, Alexander Skarsgård

January 16th, 2012

Last night Golden Globes' showed again Hollywood is predictable and out of date. Apart from Peter Dinklage winning the GG for best supporting acting performance in television, Kate Winslet and the special award for Morgan Freeman, the rest sucked big time, especially the main acting performance categories... Poor Leonardo Di Caprio was snubbed again in favor of one of the most OVERRATED actor; George Clooney, why this old fart has to win? I'm so sick of this guy, not even in his ER days I liked him, I only saw him in Ocean 11 but it was because Brat Pitt and Matt Damon were in that film... Currently the only way I would see Clooney in a movie is because Hugh Jackman or Alexander Skargård are on it too.

Why Leonardo can't win? He's a good actor, since Titanic I became his fan.., that movie was so well done, the love story and an historic event in the background, not to mention the chemistry between him and Kate Winslet, another favorite of mine.... I've seen most of his movies, from The man in the Iron mask to Inception, and I hope to see him in J Edgar....

If Michael Fassbander had won it wouldn't have bothered me, I like Fassy and he rocked as young Magneto in X-Men first class.

So, maybe next time....

Meryl Streep, ok, she's a great actress, she has won lots of recognition already, but I think is time other actresses work is recognized too. I wonder if last year she wasn't nominated, although I think Natalie Portman was invincible with her performance in Black Swan.

I'm glad for Peter Dinklage, winning for best supporting actor in a television series. It shows that when scrips are well written, actors are recognized for their work.... Kudos for the little guy!!!!!!!!!!

Alexander Skarsgård, mi Vikingo bello, you are a superb actor, but unfortunately you're stuck in a poorly written television series that has become a joke, the reality show of ugly Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin.... You shined on season 4, I still remember at the start of the season, talks about a possible Emmy nomination, but as the season progressed, the poorly written scripts erased any possibility for him. It is imperative this circus is cancelled for once at all so he can fly high, and I bet he will surpass Fassbander and other actors that are currently getting critical acclaim. I want to make clear I love Fassbander, but not as much as I love ASkars.

Hugh Jackman.... I hope seeing him soon with Oscar nominations.... he's so versatile, he can dance, act, sing, he's Wolverine..... You already have a Tony and an Emmy under your arm. Your time to shine even more has to come soon, despite George Clooney and Johnny Deep....

Leonardo...you deserve recognition, you're a superb actor and I hope you get the Oscar, well, usually the one that wins the Golden Globe gets the Oscar too, ugh that sucks because it means old fart Clooney will steal the Oscar from you too... GRRR WOLVERINE MODE ENABLED!!!

Morgan Freeman, what a great actor.... that voice..... a true Hollywood Legend, Clooney is not even close to you..... Neither Brad Pitt.... Well deserved award too!!

So I bet the Oscars will be the same shit all over again, Clooney and Streep winning again, bah! It is time Hollywood starts to change.

January 2nd, 2012

The WTF's of 2011

Eric Northman
Ok, these are the WTFs of 2011, people who got some notoriety but I still don't understand:

- Joe Manganiello- this guy thinks having nice abs is the only requisite to be an actor. His acting performance in True Blood is less than spectacular. His voice is awuful, he doesn't look clean and his nose is too distracting. A white wolf put him to shame in one of the best scenes of True Blood because that beautiful creature showed more acting skills than him. I'm so sick of this guy and I hate when media insists in forcing some actor or musician as the flavor of the month. For me, Manganiello is like a chewing gum, you like it at the beginning but once it loses its taste, you discard it. Big Next with him...

- The Kardashians- who the fuck are these bitches? I don't give a fuck about them, spoiled rich brats who think they are the center of the universe, well bad news for them, the sun is the center of the universe, and they don't get even close to be asteroids.

- Bradley Cooper as People's Magazine sexiest man alive- ok, he's handsome but when you have Hugh Jackman, Leonardo Di Caprio, Alexander Skarsgård, Chris Hemsworth and Michael Fassbander, you wonder why this guy was chosen. He was funny in the first hangover movie, but nothing else.... Even Bill Gates would have been a better choice as sexiest man alive. It wouldn't bothered me if Fassbander or Hemsworth would have chosen as the sexiest, even though my preferences will always go for Jackman and Skarsgård. I love Di Caprio too.

-Ryan Gosling- ok maybe this is not a popular opinion, but it's mine... WHO THE FUCK IS RYAN GOSLING? When I started to see is face in tumblr I started to wonder because I was so sick of seeing his boring face, to have an idea of who he is I had to google his name. It seems he has gained critical acclaim as an actor but he doesn't make it for me, in fact he reminds me of another actor I dislike very much: George Clooney.

-Stephen Moyer considered the main star of True Blood- I'm so sick of this douche. His exaggerated gestures, his horrible accent and the character of Bill Compton doesn't help to his cause. From one season to another this man has aged about 100 years. Vampires are supposed not to age, although I don't think TB would last for a long time anyway, so hopefully we won't have to see his saggy face again in a near future.

- Guns n' Roses inducted to the Rock & Roll hall of fame- what the fuck these people are smoking. Yes, Guns n'Roses started as a very promising band, with the potential to become as big as Led Zeppelin, but Axl Roses' mental problems ruined everything. They only did one good album, Appetite for Destruction, because the double albums from 1991 were Axl Rose's and a band of musicians. After that, Gn'R disappeared into oblivion, only Slash remained active long after he quit the band, so he's the only one who deserves that recognition. Rose deserves a kick in his ugly redneck butt....
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